Blogging ~ Blah or Boom

It has been about three weeks since I’ve entered the world of blogging.  I am not totally confident and am not even sure how to judge my success.  Today, how fortunate was I to come across a freshly pressed blog (do not know what that means) entitled 20four12. And, the topic was on blogging.  In reading it carefully, I thought what a great opportunity to reflect upon my own efforts.  Here are the points made and my response to them:

Make goals for blogging and stick to them.  Ha, a teacher’s mantra!    Goal for “Bloom Where You Are” is to post at the end of every finished object for reflection and sharing.  Possible other posts may come in between.  (not timely like SMART goals need to be, I know)

Make sure you are writing about something you find incredibly interesting.  Phew!  I especially like this as it suggests any topic.  So, my idea about writing about knitting is certainly viable and incredibly interesting to me.  I have already broken the blog into categories so I know the purpose for each post and readers can navigate with ease.

You have to make sure and keep track of ideas somehow.   No problem!  I have my yellow tablet already filled with ideas.  One problem, I’ve noticed however is, and I’ve heard other writers speak on this, that the great ideas tend to pop into my head at inconvenient times like 3:00 in the morning or in the middle of a run or when I am driving and then, with every good intention, attempt to remember those great ideas and they are gone.

The blogger suggests consistency, regular columns, and to add something that is unique.   Yes, for sure.  I alluded to the lack of consistency factor, earlier.  I have begun this blog during the summer when the pace of my life is so vastly different from during a school year.    But, knowing the importance of consistency and tying together these other great tips and the title/theme of this blog, I tossed around the idea of a once a week post entitled, “Bloom”.  I looked up the word and found all kinds of derivatives of the word and how it is used in parts of speech.  It could work!  Regarding uniqueness, of course I would like to think that my projects lend to creativity and originality but if I can keep to the points I have made here for the next year, a goal upon itself, we shall see how this might “bloom” in its natural state.

I am most gracious to 20four12 for the post.  To date my stats are 8 posts, 3 weeks of writing, over 502 all-time-views.  Blah or Boom?

8 responses to “Blogging ~ Blah or Boom”

  1. Well firstly well done on making it to three weeks of writing a blog! Secondly your stats are excellent for such a young blog. It’s often confusing (i’m also a newbie been going six weeks now) as you are not sure what good looks like. In my humble opinion you are BOOM! not blah.


    • oh, Thank you so very much! This is taking mucho time and as I want it as a journaling of my knitting, I wouldn’t mind others coming along for the ride! Thank you, once again!


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