I am not really knowing which came first, the horse or the cart regarding this most recent project called “yoga”.  Admittedly, I know nothing about yoga which is only substantiated when in conversation with my daughter.  She tells me about goal setting, health and wellness, approach to life, not to mention the specific types of yoga and its subsequent purpose(s).  However, as the dialog continues, we eventually get to the fashion part of the sport and then we are talking the same language!  I mean, we both agree she looks pretty darn cute in the  advertisement she did for her store, Lululemon Athletica.

And, her boyfriend, Pete doesn’t look bad, either…

In the meantime, I had been knitting this “thing”.  Somehow, the creativity of it caught my eye, but I had no idea how I might wear it, nor if it would “work”, or what I would really do with it.  But, it was calling to me.  Think one large rectangle with 8 inch holes (large enough for your head and arms) evenly spaced out, designed by the creative Anne Thompson.  That is it.  One rectangle, with the idea that you can put your head and arms in any configuration of your choosing, upside down, back to front, horizontal or vertical, each time wearing, a different look.  And, then I knew……as yoga has its flexibility, poses of choice, infinite possibilities, so does my “yoga”.

And, I thought (after all, I am a runner and do know what a great work out feels like) why not wear this sort of thing like a cover-up with comfy clothes for a cup of coffee with your friends, or for a walk, or for shopping rather than that slouchy hoodie you might have before chosen?  And, that was its inception into my wardrobe.

Of course, the perfect place for our photo shoot had to be in front of a yoga studio.  But, the building where this yoga studio is housed is not just any building but the converted Remington Rand where Jill’s Grandfather used to manage the fourth floor!  The area where the photographs were taken is the Gateway Park where one sees continual refurbishing at different parts along the Erie Canal.  Check out my versions of “yoga”, and yes, those are Lulu’s Happy Hatha pants I am wearing!

as a vest

 as an asymmetrical vest

as a body wrap

with sleeves

as a tunic

as “off the shoulder”

and finally, as a scarf.  Anyone want to rent one of those paddle boats with me?

Yoga FunGrandpa’s fourth floor

Addendum:  My daughter was only six months old when her Grandfather passed away.  They would have loved each other, so.

6 responses to “Yoga”

  1. I found your website by searching “happy hatha pants by lululemon” because I am debating keep mine or getting rid of them. Funny thing is it looks like you’re from the Buffalo region because so am I! Well, the pants look great on you and I love that multifunctional vest/scarf you made, it’s beautiful!


    • oh, Sarah…. I was wondering if ever anyone shopping at lululemon or anyone representing lululemon would ever see my website. I am a teacher first, knitter second, and find any and all of their pants just fabulous for getting down and dirty with the kids. I wear the pants you are talking about a LOT and if you skim my website, you will see lots of styles from there as I also feel these modernize my knitting beautifully. Now, I did teach a Jamie Levin years, ago…. hmmmm wonder if you are related……


  2. Margaret! I am positively thrilled with this as I’ve found a purpose for it! Thank you for your nice comment! Nope, to Picasa…. just posting like you do on wordpress. However, this is all still very new for me and with a new audience (not FB and not Ravelry), I find I’m feeling a little shy. (but, not for long…. hee hee)


  3. Holly, I told you this project would be so cute for you! And you ARE WORKING IT! Did you get Picasa or some similar program to layer the photos?? It looks great!


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