Month: July 2012

Queen of Hearts

If this post is looking a bit familiar to some of you, well, let’s just say I am revisiting it.  After all, is that not what great writers do? A few weeks ago, there was a post on the Freshly Pressed dashboard called The Limitations of Like that is remaining in my thoughts.  Of course, the blogger is referring to the little thumb under every status and comment on Facebook and every other social networking site that is out there.  Belonging to Ravelry, an online site for knitters and crocheters, the thumb is a heart, like a bookmark or in favor of a friend’s project. Now, I believe the blogger was discussing the “like” button as a tool for marketing.  Being sensitive, I suppose, I notice the emotional aspect of it.   Public display of opinion has worked its way into my heart, (pardon the pun) in a variety of ways. I mean, we all wish we were noticed and “liked” whether it is with knitting, writing, adventure seeking, traveling expert, food preparer, whatever our topics of interest …

Cuts of Me(at)

I’d hate to tell you how many times my hubby has pulled me aside to teach me the different parts or cuts of meat.  Tenderloin, round, cutlet, sirloin, frankly it is all greek to me.  At the dinner table, at the grocery store, he has pointed, explained, and clarified the why, the when, and the wherefore of each cut  and how it might best be served.  I’ve listened attentively and patiently only to need his guidance the next week when preparing the day’s meal. Now, it never occurred to me to ask him for a visual knowing perfectly well how that would solidify this information for me.   NOW, after seeing this, I will never need his help, again. Happy Week, Everyone!

Nostalgia notes

I will admit my last post suggested some foreshadowing regarding gauge and piecing fabric as I am now finishing such a project. I am talking about Shiri Mor’s Botanica Medallion cardigan as seen in Vogue Knitting Spring/Summer 2009,  worked in Blue Sky Alpacas Skinny Dyed, an organically grown cotton in this marvelous grey color.  The quality of Blue Sky Alpaca yarns is difficult to beat. Now that I write this blog, I am motivated to take pictures of the process of creating such a “masterpiece” as this.  I often times marvel at the ingenuity of a designer’s work, you may feel the same.  You will see from the first picture, a sample swatch.  This is just one of many, always a little larger than 4 inches (10cm) so that I can measure in the middle of the swatch for my gauge.  If row gauge matters (sometimes it does and sometimes it doesn’t according to the project), I knit a bit over 4 inches (10cm)  in length for the same reason.  According to Finishing School:  A Master class …

Gauge Your Confidence, Take Control

Did you ever hear, “Oh, Yes!  I drive but I only make right turns!”  or “Sure, I have my license but do not drive on the thruway.” I see it in teaching.  Oh, Yes!  I teach this method, or I have always taught those units.  When I hear these things I ask myself, who is in control, the activity or the person?

Fashion Quiz

Directions:  Multiple Choice.  You are to choose:  likeness or not.   Senerio:  I recently knitted this adorable (well, I think) fawncho (poncho) and any completion of a project is always followed by a photo shoot.  And, it seems to be at the site of the photo shoot when my hubby becomes familiar with the new addition to my wardrobe.  One day, afterwards, that man was reading the newspaper when all of a sudden I heard him exclaim, “Hey , LOOK!  Your sweater!  It’s in here!” Look carefully at the next two photos. Question 1.  Likeness or not? Senerio:  A dear friend on Ravelry, upon looking at the finished photos of this same project said,  “You are so trendy! Just as SJP.  I’ve seen something similar in the new collection of Stefanel in Florence, Italy! Namely same size poncho/pullover, and even the colors were very close, but another animal!!!” And, again… the next two photos…. and the new piece from the collection of Stefanel: Question 2.  Likeness or not?  (but, please be kind!)

Knitting Parallels Writing

I read an article in the Washington Post entitled Olympic Knitting by Ruth Marcus.  I couldn’t wait to read it!   She compares the two by saying how both conjure something out of virtually nothing – the blank page, a ball of yarn.  “Yup”, I am thinking.  Both processes are mined with frustration:  the column simply wasn’t working, the dropped stitch that required tearing out.  “Yup.  She should have been around here this week when I completely tore apart the medallion for my newest project and hit the move-to-trash button for a post that was ALREADY published.” And then she goes on to explain why it is she knits.  After all, her profession is a writer and she was linking knitting to that. Well, I am that knitter and I continue to wonder why I write!   Did you ever read something and say to yourself,  Boy, do I have a lot to say about that! or hmm… never thought about that angle on that subject!   Or, see something and want to share with someone how great or …