Yarn Haven is Knit Heaven

It is true how personal space reflects one’s life.  This space, once a bedroom, followed by a study, is now evolving into a knitting haven.  Knitting magazines, love seats, and yarn bundles are slowly taking over the teacher manuals, red pens, and piles of papers.   Just look at the yarn winder clamped to the desk!

I do not actually knit here as I do not want to be far from family but rather I spend time reading, researching, planning, and/or thinking of what lies ahead.

I am thrilled to own a complete set of Vogue Knitting from 1982 – current including the Special Editions and the crochet magazines that have come in between.  These magazines with their fashion ideas and well written “how-to” articles by the knitting gurus have truly been my inspiration for over 30 years and in more recent times, have become a resource for photo shoot ideas..

 The current collection of yarn  probably represents purchases made in the last three years.  Also, kept organized are the remnants, of varying weights, perfect for fair isle and color blocking.  I’ve come to accept the pace at which I can actually “get” to my knitting.  I have wondered about dust and sun fading when keeping yarn for such long periods of time.  Therefore, I keep my stash covered.  (see above)

I dot the shelves with a variety of containers to look inviting.  Mix and match always appeals to me.  Doesn’t the brilliant English cylinder-shaped box look fabulous?  It was  difficult to tell who was more excited about that postal delivery, hubby with his brand new Brooks saddle or me with the box!  I keep small remnants of Rowan’s Scottish Tweed inside…


 From beginning to end, there is special care.  Fabric boxes, themselves of fashion and function, house hand knits when out of season while the open shelving houses the pick of the day.

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