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Bloom Where You Are ~

So, the title of this blog.  Let me explain.  Of course, we may all be familiar with the expression, bloom where you are planted.  I’ve always thought it meant do loving deeds no matter what the situation and circumstances.  Other interpretations may revolve around friendship or making good of a difficult situation…

I recall the many occasions I have heard this expression in my marriage, you know those times in life when a re-location was being considered or when different employment was at the forefront of our lives.  Thinking back to those moments, I can still hear, what I call, words of wisdom…. why… or what is wrong with …. or, you know, I think the best thing is to bloom where you are…..

And, recently, I was reading about knitting.  The author was explaining the process of blocking, a finishing technique for knitted items.  She was describing how blocking allows each stitch to bloom in all its individual glory while allowing the fabric, as a whole, to flourish in its beauty.  WOW, I thought.  Where have a heard that before?  I immediately knew that if ever I wrote a blog, this, for sure, would be its name.

So, as I embark on this new endeavor, I will be exhibiting the best this expression has to offer allowing my thoughts of knitting, fashion, and life be unique, while at the same time, be attempting to weave together an idea of something I have learned along the way.

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    • Thank you, Margaret. You know, at work today, I took a poll and many people had never heard of it which I find hard to believe since the expression has pretty much been THE mantra in my marriage.


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