Thank you, Dad

What does a Conestoga wagon, seen here along a camp lodge, a sundial that faced a drop-off and pick-up parking lot, an observatory on a hill, complete with moving dome that housed a telescope allowing viewing the solar system from the inside, and an automatic watering system of a once spectacular, white barn that serviced […]

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Fait Accompli

Hello, blog!  I’ve missed you and I send my condolences for letting you fly on your own. However, this is the season for holidays, birthdays, and visiting with friends of silver and gold (a Girl Scout motto meaning old and new).  And, this particular year held a special birthday that was worth taking notice, and […]

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Ribbed Bib

Time has found me ready to post a project I completed this summer.  I am writing with a heavy heart, however as I pause to think about others coping with deadly destruction of unfathomable proportions, those battling the loss of their homes due to wind, water, or fire and I pray for their recovery, hopefully […]

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Three Cheers for Poise, Posture, and Winning Attitude

Posture is something I rarely hear people talk about and yet, I believe it to be the cornerstone of great looks.  When was the last time posture was the topic of your conversation?  One usually hears, “Love your hair! Where did you get your shoes?  Great skirt!”  These are typical conversational items.  Imagine “You know, […]

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