imbalance 2

I’m sure happy finding a house in which to live was not as painstaking a process (for me) as finding a theme for my blog here on WordPress.  Don’t get me wrong, it isn’t that I couldn’t find a theme I liked, rather I have found… Read More


From a Mother to her Daughter, on Mother’s Day

I was gifted a book, My Daughter, My Joy… The Greatest Tributes to Daughters That Have Ever Been Written.  The book is a collection of beautiful poems, sayings, and short stories written by famous poets and authors who are expressing their points of view with creative, thought provoking prose… Read More

from my running past

Running Goal

I mentioned that when I was ready, I would post my running goal here. It happens that the well-known Komen Race for the Cure®, part of the largest series of 5K runs/fitness walks in the world, is just around the corner and, of course, is beckoning for participants!  Teams… Read More


On Kindness

Gift bouquet for her, found on desk, brought home and admired by him. No card, but giver identified.   Flowers lovingly placed in a vase. A thank you for an act of kindness.  He positions, repositions tulips in different rooms as the day wanes carefully carrying and turning the bouquet into the… Read More


Cardigan or Pullover

Cardigan, pullover, cardigan, pullover, which shall I choose? It’s like music to our internal souls, Rhythm we knitters dance and understand. A repetition that motivates and gives us direction. Patterns on the shelves,  designers desiring our attention. Each calling to be chosen for the next exciting project.… Read More